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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to access and work on the London Underground?

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You will need to complete and pass the Access Health, Safety and Environment (AHS&E) test. This test was produced to provide individuals with an understanding of the safety requirements which will enable them to access and work safely on London Underground (LU) infrastructure. Once you have successfully passed the test you will receive a LUCAS smartcard. The LUCAS smartcard will allow you to access and work on London Underground infrastructure.

What documents do I need to bring to the test?

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The documents you will need for enrolment for the test are:

British Citizen

  • • A 10-year in-date British Passport

  • A full original British Birth Certificate (strictly accompanied by the photographic part of the UK driver's licence)

Other EEA nationals

  • Full EEA Passport or national Identity card
  • Croatian citizens should also provide a blue/yellow card OR previous evidence of right to work in the UK issued for 12 months or more OR a sole traders letter

Other Nationals

  • Full Passport with proof of right to work in the UK

Additional requirements

  • Joining instructions or booking confirmation
  • Proof of National Insurance (NI) - This can be a NI card, letter of issue, payslip, P45 or P60
  • A valid CSCS or affiliated CSCS card (red trainee/graduate cards, yellow site visitor cards or any type of certificate will not be accepted)
  • Any current/expired LUA-LU or LUCAS card
  • Any London Underground (LU) track certification
  • Network Rail PTS or Sentinel card, if you have one

I have an LUA-LU paper certificate and it is due to expire

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Please contact the LUCAS team for further information.

I have an LUA-TLL paper certificate and I need to renew it

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Please contact Stratford training centre on 020 7088 5345 to arrange for a renewal.

How do I cancel a booking?

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 Cancellations must be completed online 5 working days prior to the test date. You should click the Tests tab and retrieve your booking; you must then enter your booking reference number and password.

Monetary refunds will not be given, but you will be issued with a voucher that will be sent to the email address you provided at the booking stage. The voucher can be used when re-booking and you will not be charged again.

To cancel a test, please click here.

We are a company and wish to book AHS&E training

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In order to have a user account, you will need to confirm that your company is directly sponsored by London Underground. Please can you request your London Underground Procurement or Commercial Manager to send us an email that specifically confirms that you have a contract with us. Please make sure that they CC you into the communications. Once we have verified that your company does have a contract, we will set you up with an on line training co-ordinator.